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What Stays the Same –

You retain your Wesleyan.edu account and it will stay on Google as long as we continue to use their services. You may continue to use your Gmail and Google Drive space.
You retain access to WesPortal where you can access resources such as scholarly journals through JSTOR and Project Muse, Mango Languages, transcripts, and student information.
Should you need support regarding your account or alum access, you can continue to use ServiceNow to request support.
What Changes –

June 15, 2019

Wireless Access changes

Your wireless network access changes to WesGuest unless you are continuing on in a staff capacity or Graduate student here at Wes. If so, your access would adjust with your new role. If you will still be at Wesleyan in another capacity and lose any of the access mentioned above, please open an incident at ServiceNow.
Lynda.com access ends

Lynda.com access will no longer work through your Wesleyan login. However, Lynda.com will transfer your Wesleyan LyndaCampus usage history to a new Consumer membership. You may do this by contacting Lynda.com and providing your Wesleyan email address.
Library database access ends except for JSTOR, Project Muse, HathiTrust, and SensusAccess. Alumni may access these library resources through WesPortal.

VPN access ends

Note on Research: occasionally there are individuals who are neither continuing studies at Wesleyan nor formally employed, however are doing ongoing research that requires extended access. If you need this access, create an incident at ServiceNow. Please include the faculty for whom you are working and for how long you need to retain your access.

July 31, 2019

WesFiles Access ends

WesFiles is NOT available after July 31. You must download and move any data you wish to keep prior to this date. As of August 15, 2019, your files will be purged from the system and will no longer be recoverable.
If you require an extension, please submit an incident via ServiceNow, provide your username and be sure to provide the date you are requesting to retain access. You must do this prior to July 31.
Microsoft Office Pro Plus installations retired

Wesleyan’s Microsoft Office licensing for local installations on student computers does not persist beyond graduation. Once you become an alumnus, your access to Microsoft Office continues with the online version only. Your version of Office installed on your computer will give you 30 days notification before it will no longer be available to you. You will continue to be able to log into the Office 365 online portal.

Paul H. Turenne
Systems Analyst
Wesleyan University

Loan Exit Information

Class of 2019 Student Loan Exit Information

Dear Graduating Senior,

Information sessions about the student loans borrowed while at Wesleyan will be:

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

Friday, May 10, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

Monday, May 13, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

All sessions will be held in Exley Science Center 150 (Tishler Hall)

These informational sessions are not mandatory but attendance is encouraged. The sessions are designed to provide you with repayment information for loans you may have borrowed while at Wesleyan. Information on debt management, budget management, and default prevention will also be presented at each session. Representatives from the offices of Student Accounts and Financial Aid will be available to address your questions.
Your loan exit letter containing the information regarding the loans borrowed while at Wesleyan has been delivered to your WesBox.
If you have any questions, please email us at loans@wesleyan.edu.


The Financial Aid Office
237 High Street
North College, 2nd Floor
Middletown, CT 06459
Tel: (860) 685-2800

Pass the Torch!

Deadline to RSVP is tomorrow!

At this event you will:

Register your student group and be ready to go by the start of school in the Fall.
Be eligible to apply for funding in July. Otherwise you will not be able to request funding until the end of September / early October.
Be able to book spaces for events you would like to plan during the Fall semester and receive confirmations earlier than if you wait until September.
Have a guaranteed spot at the club fair the first Friday after classes start.
Have the opportunity to network with other student group organizers and have time and space to pass down information to new leaders of your group.
Dinner will be provided!

International students who received income in 2018:
Filing deadline: April 15, 2019
Students who fall under the category of non-resident aliens should log in to FNTR (tax preparation software) to file taxes. To access log in information for FNTR, check here. Students must log in through WesPortal to access the file.
FNTR is NOT for resident aliens.
If students are not sure whether they are non-resident aliens or resident aliens for tax purposes, they should visit this IRS page.
International students who did not receive income in 2018.
Filing deadline: June 15, 2019
Students must file Tax From 8843.

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