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Dear Class of 2019,


A reminder that applications for Senior Interviewer are due this Wednesday, March 21; the application can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/WThBt4t6pMw4cUck1 

If you submit an application you will receive an email with a link to sign up for a group interview which start on Monday, March 26th.  All group interviews will take place at noon the week of the 26th, unless we cannot accommodate the entire pool in which case we will add an evening session.


Thanks for your interest in being a Senior Interviewer.





Chris Lanser

Associate Dean of Admission

Director, QuestBridge Admission

Wesleyan University

All members of the junior class are invited to apply for a semester-long Student Fellowship at the Center for the Humanities.  Applications can be submitted starting on Friday, March 9, 2018. A total of Eight Student Fellowships will be awarded by the Center’s Advisory Board (Four Student Fellows for each semester).  Student Fellows share an office at the Center and take part in Center activities. Among these events are the Center’s Monday Night Lecture series; colloquial discussions on Tuesdays, 10:30-1:00; and occasional Center conferences. One course credit is awarded for a Student Fellow’s participation in the Center’s activities.


Applicants for a Student Fellowship must be planning to do a senior project (usually an honors thesis) on a topic related to a Center theme for the year.  The project need not be underway at the time of the application.  The themes for each semester will be broadly construed and connect with projects and problems across the disciplines. The Student Fellows will work closely with Faculty Fellows at the Center as well as with Visiting Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Fellows.


Applications for student fellowships are due at the Center by Monday, April 2, 21018.  http://wesleyan.edu/humanities/fellowships/students.html



The speaker is Kirk Johnson, the Sant Director of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and formerly first curator of the Wesleyan museum. 

His talk is entitled “Natural History in the Age of Humans” and its abstract is as follows:

“Natural history museums represent a fundamental tool to understand and preserve Earth’s natural and cultural heritage. The public perception of museums as educational experiences masks their deeper value to human society as the creators and keepers of our knowledge of the natural and cultural world. With a rapidly growing world population, food insecurity, infectious diseases, and invasive species are problems that may find their solution in the genomics of biodiversity housed in museum collections. Minerals, meteorites, and fossils are the physical evidence of the planet’s history, climate, biological evolution, and resource base. In an increasingly digital era, museums are one of the last bastions of the real thing. “

It will be held in Shanklin 107 on March 1st from 7:30-8:30pm, followed by a catered reception at Woodhead lounge (Exley 184).

The Edgar  Beckham Social Justice Awards: Our Mission

The annual Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards ceremony seeks to honor the late Dean Edgar Beckham, whose dedication to social justice continues to positively impact the Wesleyan community. We aim to celebrate the students, faculty, staff, and members of the Middletown community whose efforts align with the ideals that guided his work. Our hope is that the recognition of these individuals will inspire other members of the community to commit to social justice work of their own.

To ensure that the ceremony is as successful as possible, the current members of the

Edgar Beckham Planning Committee need full community participation. Here is how you can take

part: Join the Edgar  Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee!

The Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee is currently expanding. We are looking for motivated volunteers (particularly current freshmen and sophomores) to help make our annual banquet ceremony a success.

If you:

  • Care about social justice,
  • Want to make sure that students, faculty, and staff are recognized for good work they
  • are doing, as they deserve to be
  • Have any interest in event planning

Please fill out the attached form so that we can get to work!

Circulate this email and spread the word!

We need as many people to get excited and participate to make the event the most inclusive and rewarding it can be. As we move closer to the date of the event, stay tuned for posters, save-the-dates, and ticketing information.

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