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Summer Sendoffs 2017!

Summer Sendoffs 2017!


All members of the Wesleyan community are invited to attend Summer Sendoff gatherings. These casual socials are hosted by alumni and parents and are the perfect opportunity to welcome our newest students and their families to Wesleyan. Sendoffs are currently scheduled for:

Atlanta, GA June 20th
Austin, TX, July 16th
Bay Area, CA, July 16th
Boston, MA, July 19th
Chicago, IL, August 15th
Fairfield County, CT, August 10th
Los Angeles, CA, July 15th
Mamaroneck, NY, July 20th
New York, NY, August 3rd
Philadelphia, PA, August 3rd
Ridgewood, NJ, July 26th
Worcester, MA, July 20th

Added locations, event details, and registration can be found on the Summer Sendoff website.
Contact Jenna Starr in University Relations at jstarr@wesleyan.edu

We hope to see you there!

Summer Session Registration- Still Open!

Summer 2017 classes include Intro to Financial Accounting, Bio, Chem, International Politics, Writing with Anne Greene, and more.

More information is available in WesMaps and on the Summer Session website.

To register:

1) Print and complete the registration form (EP>Student>Summer Session>Registration Form).
2) Meet with your faculty advisor to have them sign your form.
3) Bring your completed form with a check for payment to the Summer Session office (74 Wyllys) during business hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm). You can also put the payment on your student account before bringing your form to the office.

Session schedule and deadlines are online at http://wesleyan.edu/summer/Calendar.html.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact the Summer Session office at 860-685-2005 or summer@wesleyan.edu.

Here are some tips and strategies that students use to prepare for final exams and other academic assessments.

Overall Strategies

“It gets to the point where I know I have to act like I am in a tunnel.” (Joey ‘18)
“I’m trying to figure that out. My strategy is to pay attention in class and try to understand what’s happening when learning it and then remembering it is a lot easier.” (Avi ‘20)
“Whenever you get the chance, put any effort you can into studying. Don’t let it build up. Don’t wait for midterms. Be on the lookout at least a week ahead of time.” (Ryan ‘18)
“I look over all my notes and my syllabus to make sure I’m not missing any part of the class and to make sure that I at least know something about each portion of the syllabus. Then I just sort of spend time thinking about it and hope that I do well…and sleep.” (Nathaniel ‘19)

Study Places

“I like to be in a quiet place where I don’t feel distracted. I also like eating a good meal before studying so you’re not distracted by hunger the whole time.” (Sarafina ‘20)
“Vary your study locations. Just get up and move every couple hours so you don’t get tired.” (Campbell ‘19)

Time Management

“Plan your time wisely. Make a daily schedule and a weekly schedule of all the things that you should be doing so you are using your time most efficiently. Also like not forgetting to get a meal and enough sleep. And to take care of yourself.” (Steven ‘18)

Study Techniques

“Always carry a highlighter everywhere you go…put it in your back pocket.” (Mackenzie ‘19)
“I like to listen to really good music, like lots of rap…it has a steady beat, a set tempo for studying.” (Parichat ‘20)
“I use index cards, rewrite my notes, and review a lot ahead of time and as you go along.” (Valerie ‘20)
“I study in separate chunks with breaks rather than cramming. You should test yourself; don’t just look at the notes. Anticipate questions that will be on the exam; don’t just look at your study guide and say Ah! I know this, and then formulate it into a question.” (Kelly ‘17)
“Because I am a sociology major, I read a lot of social theory. I have different color codes for each color of highlighter that indicate special things in the text and make it easy to hold onto, like words like therefore, hence, thus, or for questions or definitions. I use colors that contrast two things.” (Grace ’17)

General Advice

“Don’t study with your friends.” (Willa ‘19)
“Laugh a lot with your friends, take breaks with Netflix, and workout.” (CiCi ‘18)


Last Day to Withdraw from Full Semester & 4th Quarter Classes – May 3, 2017
Classes End – May 10, 2017
Reading Period – May 11 – 15
Final Exams – May 16 – 19
University Housing Closes – May 20
These are terrific insights. To learn more about the ways that the Class Deans Office can help you, please stop in during drop-in hours or schedule an individual meeting to see us. http://www.wesleyan.edu/studentaffairs/about/classdeans.html

To meet with an Academic Peer Advisor for studying or test-taking tips or time management strategies, go to http://www.wesleyan.edu/studentaffairs/resources/peeradvisors/index.html.

PP Community Action April 27

Peer Health Coach recruitment

For information regarding tax help, please see below:


Shu Tokita Prize

Shu Tokita Prize Announcement:
The Shu Tokita Prize For Students of Color Studying Literature

The Shu Tokita Prize, established by friends and relatives of Shu Tokita, ’84, will be awarded to one or two students of color (US citizens or residents), current sophomores or juniors, majoring in literature, in area studies or a language major with a focus on literature, who demonstrate need for substantial financial assistance. For those interested, please be in touch with Alice Hadler (ahadler@wesleyan.edu). Applications are due on April 17.

Work for Waste Not!

Are you interested in collecting STUFF? And sorting and storing said stuff? Want to be part of a great team and help carry on one of Wesleyan’s greatest traditions? WANT TO STAY FOR SENIOR WEEK????? Then apply to work for Waste Not! Waste Not! is Wesleyan’s student-run tag sale that happens at the beginning of every year! In the spring, you’ll be helping collect donations from students moving out, sorting and storing it for the summer so that the sale can go on without a hitch in the fall! You get to meet and work with a great group of students and stay on campus for senior week! If you’re interested, fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/fE3Cas0pYy8gQjhs1


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