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Monthly Archive for January, 2016

African Studies Minor!

The African Studies Faculty Cluster is pleased to announce the new African Studies minor! The current course cluster has been very successful with students, many of whom already pursue academic research, thesis projects, and career internships related to Africa. For more information, please look at the African Studies Cluster link on WesMaps and to their […]

Info session for Interfaith Trip to Harrisburg, PA!!! Thursday (Feb 4), 12:00-12:45pm Spirituality Lounge at the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life 169 High Street, 2nd floor You are invited to enjoy some pizza and learn more about the first Wesleyan interfaith spring break service trip!!!! This trip will go from March 14-19 and will […]

More information is available here: http://www.rbffoundation.org/application.html  

**New Course**

The class meets every Tuesday and Thursday between 2.40pm and 4pm at PAC 136. History 117–Chinese Cities The first-year seminar introduces students to urban history in China and Chinese communities around the world. We will explore major cities along the Silk Road, ports of call with Chinese business communities, centers of revolutionary activity, and urban […]

Stress Relief Practicum

Stress Relief Practicum Connect with others who are seeking self-care strategies for health and well-being. Learn new skills and tools to manage stress and take care of yourself. Mondays beginning February 1st –29th from 5-6PM Meetings will follow an exploratory workshop format and participants will learn and practice different techniques for mind-body wellness each week. […]

Students requesting a specific housing accommodation due to a disability for 2016/17 must complete a Housing Accommodation Request Form and submit it to Dean Patey, Disability Resources, (North College – Room 021), no later than Thursday, February 5, 2016. This includes students who have previously requested and been approved for a housing accommodation in the […]

**New Course**

Here is an announcement about a new course just added to the Spring roster. Anth 309/AMST 311, The Anthropology of Digital Media, taught by Jordan Kraemer, will meet on Tuesdays from 1:10-4 pm in Anthropology, Room 6. Anthropology of Digital Media Networked media technologies, from the Internet to mobile phones, are reshaping many aspects of […]

Apply for a Writing Mentor!

Need help with your writing this semester? Apply for a Writing Mentor! Writing Mentors work with students one-on-one on all aspects of writing, from structure to grammar to time management. Find the application at www.wesleyan.edu/writing/workshop/applymentor.html And fill it out by Friday, February 5 If you have any questions, contact Ford Fellow Elana Rosenthal at writingworks@wesleyan.edu

**New Course**

Anthropology of Digital Media Networked media technologies, from the Internet to mobile phones, are reshaping many aspects of daily life, selfhood, and society. While digital and electronic media seem to make the world smaller, ostensibly facilitating global flows of capital, people, goods, and ideas, this course examines how these technologies co-constitute particular kinds of subjects, […]

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