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Monthly Archive for August, 2018

New Dance courses!!

DANC 213 – JAZZ TECHNIQUE .5 credit TUESDAYS/THURSDAYS 6:30 – 8:10 PM @ 247 Pine Street / SCHONBERG DANCE STUDIO This course is an introduction to the African American jazz dance vernacular through the embodied practice of Simonson jazz. It will cover basic principles of alignment, centering, and technique through the context of jazz’s African […]

Bharata Natyam II: Embracing the Traditional and the Modern Taught by Prof. Hari Krishnan M/W 1.20-2.40pm This advanced course is designed to further students’ understanding of the technique, history, and changing nature of Bharata Natyam dance and of Indian classical dance in general. The primary aim of the course is to foster an understanding of […]

CHUM 302 Fall 2018 Section: 01 Crosslisting: AFAM 312, E&ES 125, FGSS 301 Certificates: Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory Course Cluster: Queer Studies The genre of black speculative fiction–in the form of literature, art, music, and theory–provides a generative framework through which to (re)think understandings of race, gender, sexuality, class, the body, disability, citizenship, and […]

Work for Family Weekend and/or Homecoming 2018 (Sept. 28-29th & Oct. 10th) as part of the University Relations student staff. Student workers play an integral role in both events by greeting guests at the registration site, assisting with activity and event preparation, escorting guests around campus in shuttle vans, and much more. This is a […]