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WES AFAM turns 50!

Wes AFAM Turns 50 Talks and Events on Blackness, Race, Sexuality and Power Fall 2018 “Solidarity, Intersectionality, & Resisting Oppression” Feminist philosopher Carol Hay September 20th at 4:30 Russell House Sponsored by Philosophy Department Boukman Eksperyans & Paul Beaubrun – Haitian Music September 20th at 7pm Nic Lounge Sponsored by African American Studies and Music […]

Pizza (or cookies) for your thoughts? ITS is undergoing an external review. We have hired an outside firm that specializes in working with higher ed institutions to help us: Gain a fresh perspective on our use and management of technology Identify opportunities to design future ITS services Assess ITS service delivery mechanisms, practices, and development […]


Accelerate: Prepare for Fall Recruiting Friday, September 14th • 10am – 1pm Lunch Provided Accelerate is a job search boot camp for seniors and juniors planning on applying for positions via the Gordon Career Center’s Fall On-Campus Recruiting program. It is intended to provide you will real time guidance in order to prepare for interviews […]

Last chance to join MUSC 241!

Employing approaches as diverse as the music it celebrates, MUSC 241 investigates the theories and sounds of medieval and Renaissance musicians. It addresses a broad spectrum of issues, such as the status of musicians, the politics of religion, experimentation, and the construction of alternative identities. It balances overarching narratives with extensive profiles on some of […]

New section of DANC 111

Due to high student interest we have added a NEW section of Introduction to Dance! The NEW SECTION of INTRODUCTION OF DANCE: DANC 111 (SEC 3) Monday/Wednesday, 2:50-4:20PM in Schonberg Dance Studio AT 247 Pine Street. Taught by Professor Pedro Alejandro, palejandro@wesleyan.edu If you are interested, please attend MONDAY OR contact Professor Alejandro by email […]

Creative Journaling Workshop

New Dance courses!!

DANC 213 – JAZZ TECHNIQUE .5 credit TUESDAYS/THURSDAYS 6:30 – 8:10 PM @ 247 Pine Street / SCHONBERG DANCE STUDIO This course is an introduction to the African American jazz dance vernacular through the embodied practice of Simonson jazz. It will cover basic principles of alignment, centering, and technique through the context of jazz’s African […]

Bharata Natyam II: Embracing the Traditional and the Modern Taught by Prof. Hari Krishnan M/W 1.20-2.40pm This advanced course is designed to further students’ understanding of the technique, history, and changing nature of Bharata Natyam dance and of Indian classical dance in general. The primary aim of the course is to foster an understanding of […]

CHUM 302 Fall 2018 Section: 01 Crosslisting: AFAM 312, E&ES 125, FGSS 301 Certificates: Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory Course Cluster: Queer Studies The genre of black speculative fiction–in the form of literature, art, music, and theory–provides a generative framework through which to (re)think understandings of race, gender, sexuality, class, the body, disability, citizenship, and […]

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